• Shanghai Pudong Lisheng Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing upward continuous casting for copper rod, cooperating to manufacture Cu and Al continuous casting and rolling system(including Lafarga tilting furnace), Cu and Al continuous extrusion and copper cathode producing line. The main parts products are designed and supervised by the cable research institute of shanghai, some parts are made by us, and the rest are developed by both sides.

  • The affiliated enterprise--Shanghai Lishang International Trading co., Ltd is responsible for the export of Lisheng’s products, also for other electrical machinery and cable wire productsmade in china, and now it becomes a reliable purchaser and the designated sales agent of international groups.

  • The affiliated enterprise---Shanghai Pudong Kaili Technical Company is devoted to the research and development of new production, contracting projects abroad and providingtechnical support in china.

  • Sine the establishment on July 16, 1992 when called as Shanghai Pudong KaiYing Electrical and Machinery Company , our users had already spread over more than 20 provinces, municipality and autonomous regions in china and more than 20 foreign countries. Especially the Upward continuous casting for copper rod has already been introduced to the European countries and the USA for a long time. More than 390 sets have been produced which includes 80 sets abroad, and the export increases significantly in recent years.

  • The company passed the ISO9001 SGS International certification in 2001, the upward continuous casting machine and Cu continuous casting and rolling machine had been CE marked.

  • It is the aim of the company to be honest, keep improving and satisfy users' needs.

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